JJ Peterson

JJ has taken everything he has learned, read about, competed in and practiced at to create a dynamic hybrid in the fitness world that demands results.

JJ has a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise and sports science, is a ISSA certified personal trainer and is TRX certified in addition to placing 5th overall at the Complete Nutrition NPC Physique Competition.

JJ’s philosophy is to constantly vary the workout. He utilizes functional training methods, HIIT-style training, Crossfit, TRX, Tabata, kettlebells and plyometrics in order to keep his training sessions fresh and effective.

JJ and his wife, Erika – who just happens to be a nutritionist – work together to help people from all walks of life transform their lives and elevate their level of health and wellness. JJ is also Partner in Crossroads Systems, an innovative company specializing in nutrition education, cellular health and whole food supplementation. Their programs have helped thousands optimize health and performance starting from the inside out.